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Termite Inspection

A Termite Inspection can determine if there are termites in or around your property.

Termite inspections can determine if Termites are active. Spiderman YP/ MN technicians

Nearly one in four Australian properties is affected by termites during its lifetime and termite damage is not covered by home insurance. Infestation can be difficult to spot, so a regular complete inspection of your property home by one of our experts is essential for your peace of mind.


Our Technicians will provide you with a full written report with recommendations for the best solution.


Whether yours is a residential, commercial or industrial property, we will find a solution to any timber pest problem that you have.


Your Spiderman YP/MN Technician will:
  • Inspect all buildings, structures and attachments containing timber and cellulose within the property boundaries

  • Inspect timber fences, decks, pergolas, outbuildings, trees and landscape timbers within the property boundaries

  • Following an inspection, provide a detailed treatment program and quotation; which may include recommendations for monitoring, baiting systems, chemical soil treatments and termite colony location and eradication.


All Spiderman YP/MN timber pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

Spiderman YP/MN Technicians are Termatrac Certified!

The Termatrac device gives us the ability to perform non-invasive inspections including identifying high risk termite areas.  

The Termatrac  allows us to accurately detect, confirm and track the presence of termites, plus locate nests, mud-leads and entry points.  

This enables us to give you a more detailed report and allows us to treat your home more cost effectively.


We can access areas of your home that without this technology would be impossible; including inside wall cavities and sub-floors without needing to cut traps and entry points.  The findings are easily included into your comprehensive Timber Pest Inspection Report.


The 3-in-1 functionality makes the Termatrac T3i the best available tool for Pest Control Professionals.

Moisture Sensor

The Moisture Sensor built into the Termatrac T3i streamlines the Pest Control Technicians ability to identify concentration of moisture in walls typical of Termite Risk Areas.

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Termite Detection Radar

The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar system is the only single technology device in the world that can precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites without the need for physical penetration of walls, floors or ceilings, and will not disrupt and displace termite activity. This has drastically reduced the need for post-inspection repairs and inconvenience.

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Remote Thermal Sensor

The Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide built into the Termatrac T3i hand-held unit performs a similar role as a thermal imaging camera (minus the visual capability), enabling the operator to scan Termite Risk Areas for changes in wall surface temperature which could be conducive to termite infestation.

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Spiderman YP/MN is equiped with the latest technology to use whilst conducting your termite inspection

Along with the Termatrac Termite detector, we also have on hand the Flir Thermal imaging sysytem .

The Thermal imaging camera aid in the detection of hidden termites in wall, floor and ceiling cavities.

They do not see through walls ,they work by picking up radiated electromagnetic energy from the surfaces in the infra red range, which create a thermal image /pattern on the screen, our technician can then analse the image to detect  the possible precence of active termites

Having detected where the termites/pests may be active, it may then be necessary to confirm their presence, or find another cause for the different temperature or moisture reading by further investigation

our technicians are also equiped with a borescope inspection camera -if a more invasive investigation is required , after making a small inspection point, this  will allow us to get a close look in places not otherwise available.(this of course is conducted only with your concent)

Used either individually or together they aid the eyes of our technician ,this allows us to conduct a thorough inspection

Not all the tools are used in every situation

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