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Termite Treatment and Prevention

Termites and other timber pests can cause significant structural and financial damage to your home.


Early detection and preventative termite inspections can help reduce the cost of repairs.

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Termites (also known as white ants) feed on dead plant material, including wood.  A colony can consist of hundreds of termites and includes a queen, workers and (often) soldiers; each with their own role.  In some species, the mature queen can produce up to 30 000 eggs per day.


There are many different kinds of termites and treatment depends on the species and level of infestation.


Spiderman YP/MN offers several types of  Physical and chemical termite management systems and termite treatments, that will deter termites from infesting your property.
  • Drill and Injection

  • Sub-Floor

  • Perimeter

  • Pre-Construction

  • Active Termites

  • Reticulation Systems

  • Termite Monitoring/ Baiting systems

With a Physical and/or a chemical management system installed,  Annual Termite Inspections are still recommended

Spiderman YP/MN technicians are lisenced and qualified to use leading pest management products and systems


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