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About Us

Who is Spiderman YP/MN?

Spiderman YP/MN is an environmentally-friendly, locally-owned pest control company servicing the Yorke Peninsula & Clare Valley

Our Pest Management Technicians,  are licensed and insured

and provide services to the entire Yorke Peninsula & Clare Valley

Our Mission

Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. 

We know word of mouth is our greatest advertisement and we're not happy unless you are!


  • Our Mission is simple:

  • To provide our customers with the best service in the industry, by ensuring all technicians are licenced and participate in ongoing practical and theoretical training.

  • To put safety before profit by using only the safest products available on the market.

  • We only use the very latest and best pest control products available and all are considered the industry leading products, we dont use Generic.

  • To provide you with peace of mind with our stringent security measures, ensuring your premises are safeguarded and secure.

  • To constantly monitor our services with our quality control procedures.

  • To be readily available to liaise with our clients at any time, allowing us to answer queries or problem-solve in a timely manner.

  • To ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service by aiming to provide the safest, most effective pest control solutions at the most competitive prices.


Our Certifications & Qualifications

All Spiderman YP/ MN pest management operators are fully licensed  with  appropriate pest management and pest controllers licenses.

Spiderman YP/MN is fully insured and have all relevant accreditations  

We  are Work Health & Safety System Compliant

Spiderman YP/ MN is a proud holder of the current edition of ASSA Work place Compliance System. This enables us to fulfil our statutory obligations under relevant WHS legislation and provide our technicians and clients with healthy and safe work practice.

Click here to view our Certificate of Currency.


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