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Sanitising Service

Let us help protect your home or business


Our sanitising treatment can help keep your home,

businesses, buildings and other surfaces

 free from bacteria & viruses



we use an environmentally safe product that is fully biodegradable

It can be used in both households and commercial properties

Helps reduce the risk of illness, from the spread of disease-causing pathogens carried by pests

It is safe to use on all surfaces, including food preparation areas (it is recommended that food preparation surfaces be rinsed and dried after treatment) 

It is safe to use around people & pets-

 how ever due to our application method (fine misting the area to be treated), it is best to be vacant from the property     while the treatment is being applied

Depending on the area treated, after the treatment has settled & dry it is safe to re-enter,

 as a guide this usual is between 10- 30mins before continuing with normal activities


Effective against  viruses &  bacteria, surfaces treated will stay sanitised until new contaminants are applied to it, or through cleaning the product off- it is recommended to re-sanitise whenever you suspect contamination has occurred

Our treatment only kills the virus on surfaces, it does not prevent it spreading if any member of your family or friends at home are infected


We ask that any items that may hinder the technician, be moved prior to us doing the sanitising treatment, in order for us to complete the treatment thoroughly

our technician will explain the method of treatment he will conduct and answer any questions you may have



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