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Is there anything I need to do after the treatment?

  • Some floors may become slippery, so please watch your step when returning!

  • Wipe down any food preparation surfaces prior to use.

  • If possible, leave any existing spider webs for 2-3 weeks after treatment before brushing them down.This allows the spider to enter the web and treatment to take effect.

  • Our product is biodegradable – don’t wash it off!The treatment will break down faster outside due to natural elements such as wind, rain, sun, dust etc.

  • If possible, when washing floors, mop approximately 5cm from skirting boards, as detergent will neutralise the treatment.When cleaning windows, try to avoid washing product from window frames.

  • When watering, try to keep run-off to a minimum.Avoid use of high-pressure hoses to wash down treated areas.

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