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What does treatment involve?

Our General Insect Treatment (GIT) controls all common household insects including ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, millipedes, mosquitoes, earwigs, bees, beetles, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and wasps.


Your Technician will treat both indoor and outdoor areas of your property (or as per your request).  They treat surfaces that get the most traffic from pests (ie. ceilings, entrances, skirting boards, door and window frames, walls, eaves, paths etc.) with a surface contact spray, which is pre-mixed and applied using a hand-pumped backpack.


Outdoor areas such as your clothesline, dog kennel, fence lines, garden borders, letterbox, outdoor furniture, pergola, retaining walls, verandas, wheelie bins, children's play equipment etc. can also be treated.


You are welcome to discuss your specific requirements and options with your Technician prior to treatment.

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