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How much does it cost?

We understand that you may be concerned about cost or need to stick to a budget.  If you require a firm quote prior to treatment, a Technician will most likely need to see your property.  Quotes incur no charge and are obligation-free.  If you would like to arrange a time for one of our Technicians to attend your property to provide you with a firm quote for treatment, please contact us.


General Insect Treatment (GIT):

Our prices start at $110 (plus GST) for interior and exterior General Insect Treatment.  Cost will depend on many variables, such as ease of access for your Technician, size of property, height of ceilings, extra sheds, level of infestation etc.  Our GIT controls all common household insects including ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, millipedes, mosquitoes, earwigs, bees, beetles, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and wasps.  However, we do offer additional specialty treatments for heavy infestations.


Ceiling and Under-Floor Dusting:

In addition to our GIT, we offer ceiling dusting, whereby our Technician spreads a fine dust insecticide throughout the roof cavity. Should your home or property have under-floor access, this service is also wonderful for underneath buildings, decking etc.  Our Dusting service compliments our GIT beautifully; ridding your property of any ants, cockroaches, spiders silverfish and any other creepy crawlies that may dwell in the roof and wall voids or under the floor.  Discounts apply if done in conjunction with a GIT.


Rodent Control, Inspections and Termite Treatments:

Spiderman YP/MN provides Rodent Control/Ongoing Baiting Programs, as well as Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections, Timber Liability Inspections and Termite Treatments.  Costs for services vary depending on individual situations and often cannot be quoted over the phone or by email.  We are always happy to supply an obligation-free quote at no cost – either following a site consultation with yourself or your builder, or after examination of the architect's building plans.



There are no additional travelling charges for regional clients; instead,Kym group-books the appointments depending on location. This makes travelling to regional areas viable for him and at the same time, keeps prices low for you.


Out-of-Hours Bookings:

Our Technicians happily allow weekend and out-of-hours bookings to accommodate for your and your business' busy schedules.  We do not charge extra for this service.

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