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Pest Control and Inspection  Services
 Safe, Effective, Environmentally-friendly
Servicing:   Yorke Peninsula, Clare Valley

Let us protect your home and business

If you're looking for the safest Pest Control
& most thorough property inspection solutions - 
then look no further 
 Contact the Spiderman YP/MN team today !

we are a local South Australian, family- owned and operated small business!

Spiderman YP/MN is not a franchise!

 Our Pest Management Technicians are locals; we know our local area and conditions.  We are fully qualified with many years experience in the pest industry, licensed and insured

We only use the very latest and best pest control products available, 

all are considered the industry leading products, we dont use Generic.  

We understand pest behaviour, know what chemicals are safe to use within homes, commercial and food premises, we are technically skilled to offer suggestions on how to prevent further pest problems and continue to update and learn the latest technologies available


Spiderman YP/MN offers a range of safe, effective, affordable & enviromentaly friendly pest control and inspection services

We specialise in the control of common household insects including ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, millipedes, mosquitoes, earwigs, bees, beetles, bed bugs, fleas and more.

 Our services also include Termite  Inspections, Termite Treatments, prevention and Termite management systems, as well as Rodent Control &/or Ongoing Baiting Programs


As well as households, Spiderman YP/MN treats all commercial sites including bakeries, cafes/pubs/restaurants, childcare centres/kindies/schools, hotels/motels/B&Bs, rental properties, sporting clubs, storage sheds, supermarkets, vineyards and wineries, etc.

Our services

General Insect Treatments (GIT)

Ceiling & Under-floor Dusting

Termite Inspections

Termite Treatment and Prevention

Rodent Control and Baiting Programs

Special Pest management:

Fleas / Bed Bugs more

Ant Treatments


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